Question about list and distance

Hello, I am very new with Grasshopper, I am making the circle radius from different numbers in a list and wanted to move the circle in different distance from the same list ( want to loft in the end ) but I tried with list item and it did not work, If anyone knows about this, I would like to ask for the solution. thank you in advance.

From the picture, I saw only 5 circles, but on my list, I have 8 numbers. and the radius is not exactly the same from the list.

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Hi Dohn,
This is one way you can move the circles by using the series component. (7.6 KB)

To @karizmar36,

Thank you very much, this is what I am looking for and may I ask a little bit more question… If I want the distance between the layer of circle come from the list like my attach picture, how could I add the component.

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Dohn (7.2 KB)

Hi Dohn,
You need to add mass addition component. (13.5 KB)

@karizmar36 Thank you very much, this is what exactly I want to learn!

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@pones Thank you very much.