Using index value in an equation?

This may be a simple question, but is it possible to use the index value in a formula? I want to move the items in this list up by its (indexvalue + 1)*height parameter. So an example of this would be:

Item 0: (0+1)*5 = 5
Item 1: (1+1)*5 = 10

Item 12: (12+1)*5 = 65

Any help on this would be great!!! Thanks!

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I created a little conversion tool. It’s quite simple. All it does is calculates a list length (N), then creates a series starting at zero with N steps. This resulting list will work whatever the construction of the data tree and will return the index of each item.

list to (11.3 KB)

You can make a series based on the list length to manipulate the date:

This works if your item numbers are consecutive.
Otherwise you can access the item number with tree components.
(Graft)[Tree statistics]–>[Deconstruct Path]–>Item

Thank you so much for this! it was exactly what I was looking for

You can make it simple

By embedding the expression in the output you will limit the ability to change it parametrically.

This is his formula, if he want change height he can use the other methods