MoveFace - Offset instead of move?

Hello everyone,
I have been using Rhino for work for a few months now, but I still can’t figure out a way to speed up this process:
When I have to add machining allowance to multiple faces of a model, i do this :

  1. Explode the polysurface
  2. Select the surface I need to add material to
  3. Offset that surface for the desired amount
  4. ExtendSrf the other faces and try to reconstruct the solid by extending and cutting, sometimes using also infinite planes and extending edges curves
  5. Repeat from point 2 for every interested face
  6. If I’m lucky then a CreateSolid delivers the needed result, if not I check every edge to find out where the problem is

With simple polysurfaces, this is quite easy. But when I deal with curved surfaces, fillets and crowded corners it can become a real headache.
I thought the moveface command would be the one, but it behaves exactly like subselecting a face and manually moving it around, the extrudesrf, of course, extrudes the surface on his normal creating a new solid.

Is there a command that moves a face while keeping the structure of the solid unchanged ( for reference, the MoveFace command behavior in SolidWorks ) ?

Here’s a simple example of what I mean :

MoveFace.3dm (112.8 KB)

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This is possible with the new push-pull option in v8.

Take a look into this thread

No there is no easy way to do that in Rhino except in simple cases (ones that are not much more complicated than a box or a trapazoid).
The method you described indicates you already understand more about how to do it than the people working for McNeel do.

The best way to deal with machine allowance is to create the part with ample machine stock already added. Then if you also need a model of the part after machining you can cut the stock off a lot easier than adding it on. Of course, that doesn’t help if you are working on a imported part.