Move to Absolute Position

This is my first post, and I’m a rank newbie. I’ve been through a number of tutorials, but find I still get stuck on simple stuff that I haven’t run across before.

I merely want to move a flat x-y surface to .75" on the z plane. It is now near, but not at z=0. I know I can drag it, but am wondering if there’s a definitive command where I can type something like r0,0,.75 and have it go where I want. thanks, rex

The coordinate you described would be used for a RELATIVE move, but because the Z value is positive. it would go up 0.75 units.

If you want to move the corner of the surface to 0,0,0, start the MOve command.
Use an Endpoint osnap to select the corner of the surface as the point to move From.
At the point to move to, type zero (0) and enter.

This will move the end of the surface to CPlane coordinate 0,0,0

This is covered in the User’s Guide tutorials. I think it’s the first tutorial.

Thanks John. I’ve been through the command in the tutorial and the help screen, but still wasn’t getting the syntax right. Finally got it to work thanks to your clue. I’ve found that while the tutorials are extremely helpful, if you’re new to it all, the syntax and process is sometimes incomplete and not always obvious.

Very true. Your first CAD application is the hardest to learn. They get easier after that.
Are you using the Level 1 training guide or the User’s Guide?
The User’s Guide is better.
The Training Guides are intended for instructor led training.
There are on-line “webinar” courses too.

Hang in there. It does get easier.