Move on z axis to cplane?

I have so much trouble moving thing around in Rhino. I want to move this polysurface object on the z axis to the cplane. I’ve tried all the methods I could find but nothing works


Move it in the Front or Right viewport, not from the Perspective VP

That hasn’t helped. It does not snap to the cplane, and if I reference an edge point on the object sitting on the cplane that alters the x/y and it does not end up where I wan it. Isn’t there a “move point to cplane” command?

  1. Start Move
  2. Select the part
  3. Enter to finish selecting
  4. When prompted for a base point to move from, use an End or Int Osnap and select the corner you want to land on 0
  5. With Grid snap turned on, drag the parts down in the Front or Right Viewport.

There are several other ways to do this too.
Have you not gone through the tutorials in the User’s Guide?

The grid snaps is the answer. I almost never have that on. I’ve been through many tutorials, and I search the web before posting here. However, It seems I not retaining as much as I used to.

Hi Calypso - use Move >Vertical for this - set the ‘Move from’ point to the location you want to hit the current CPlane, and then as the ‘Move To’ point, type in 0,0,0.


Vertical + 0,0,0 works yes, but it takes multiple clicks.


Perhaps one could add “direct” parameters to the Move command, like so:
Point to move to: (Directly to: X=0, Y=0, Z=0, NamedPLane)

Also a “direct commandline syntax” could be using “empty place holders” for omitted axes:

Point to move to: _,_,0 or if projecting towards the YZ plane:
Point to move to: _,0 (z- value can be omitted), or to the XZ plane:
Point to move to: 0, (notice the trailing comma. Y and X-value can be omitted).

… which would move the selected objects from the selected from-point straight to the XY, YZ or XZ plane respectively.

// Rolf

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I’d just make a macro if I needed to do this a lot:

! Move Pause Vertical Pause 0,0,0



Thanks. I have found that I need that a lot. Is there away to make this a command and assign an icon?

Have a look at “Command macros and scripting” in the Rhino Help file.

I already check that out. It says:

"Command macros can be run by typing the command at the command prompt, from toolbar buttons, shortcut keys, command aliases, from the ReadCommandFile command, or using the Paste command into Rhino’s command stream."

However, I could find no instructions on how to assign a macro line like Pascal provided to a toolbar button. Perhaps I missed it?

Found a good instruction on the web. thanks to everyone.

The web is usually where one finds things these days. Could you be more specific? Thanks