Move to exact coordinate in ONE direction

How to do this?

-Select objects.
-Move commad
-Select point to move from
and then how do i say move to remain in x remain in y but Z i want exact coordinate ? i tried something like ,,Z but it doesnot work

Hello - use relative coordinates - r0,0,1 to move one unit in Z only. @ also works as a prefix.


hmm i need to combine those… i want relative 0,relative 0, absolute Z. because i dont know by how much Z i am moving i only know final coordinate i want to move to.

There is .X, .Y and .Z and combinations of these as well - for extracting just the X, Y or Z from points to build one new point.


@ivan.galik did you find a way how to do this?

no i just do it stupidly, move everything in one direction to zero (world Z) and then move it back by a certain length

In the absence of something else here is a script for moving in Z only. I can look into adapting it to allow an axis choice. Moves one or more objects from a picked point ‘vertically’ (world Z) to a new Z lever - either a single keyboard input value or a picked point. Note that Move>Vertical does the same thing if you use a picked point for the second entry, but does not allow a keyed-in absolute Z value. You can however key in a triple 0,0,Z level and that works with Move>Vertical for an absolute height value. FWIW. (1.6 KB)

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i think move>vertical and 0,0,Z is pretty much the solution. so simple. was that suboption always present in move command? i am not sure

Move>Vertical has been there for a long, long time…

The icon might be recent, but the command option isn’t:

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