Move SubD vertex to fit a mesh/brep

Hi all,

I would like to move the subD vertex to fit an existing mesh. In fact, the mesh was generated from the subD and went through form find process, after which I would like to refit the subD to the slightly reshaped mesh.

I’ve looked around the SubD Method in the Rhinocommon. But I could not figure a way to do this. Could anyone point me to the right direction?


p.s: One way I can think of is to update the control polygon (i.e. Mesh) and then re-create the subD.

Could you pull the vertices in question onto the mesh?

For mesh it works, but for subD there is no such method that I can find in Rhinocommon.

There are two types of verts for SubD. Box mode and smooth mode verts. Neither are available in Rhinocommon yet however you can go to mesh to use the box mode verts.

The box mode has an alternative version too - which is a control point rather than a vertex. You can get at that by PointsOn - ing a SubD.