Move points on grid to collapse on charged point

I am working in grasshopper to display how a grid gets reshaped by charged points within it. My goal is to produce a field that attracts the surrounding points to its x,y location and not going past it - like this

however i can’t seem to get the points to stop once they reach the “charged point” What happens instead is the points of the grid move past it and continue to move away as the charge increases

Would anyone be able to help me collapse the points on the grid directly onto the charged point?
attached is the grasshopper file. thank you (13.0 KB)

Try to adjust the “Decay” input value of Point Charge.
Or, have a try pufferfish’s Pinch’n’Spread like the attached. (15.4 KB)

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I’m looking instead to have the lines collapse in on the points themselves, not the surrounding cells.

I appreciate your help though, I’ll definitely look into pufferfish

Draw what you want exactly with Rhino to clarify your idea


This is what I’m trying to emulate, thanks for your help

Hi @rhinodesk132,

Here’s another solution based on attractor points:

2020-03-02 09-39-33.2020-03-02 09_41_11

It’s all about dialing in the different values and positioning the attractor points to get the desired result!

Have fun! (17.9 KB)

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For this solution you need Heteroptera Bulger component (14.4 KB)

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This is not what you want just a try (22.2 KB)


Is there any way to make each point’s effect on the grid different (i.e. be able to set location and strength of each point independently?)

The attractor locations are already set independently and the strengths can be set like this: (22.4 KB)