Hi, I am currently struggling with integrating a point attractor in my panels. I am new to grasshoppper and have been following several tutorials to put a script together however I am struggling with making the diamond panels react to a point which can be changed in rhino. I also need to attach this part of the script to be able to change the colours of the panels according to the location of the point. Perhaps I have not managed the data correctly which is what is causing difficulties in connecting this part of the script. Is there any way in which I can make these two work? Thank you (100.3 KB)


I can’t open your file because of a missing plugin.
However from your screenshot I’m seeing the Custom Preview component recieves a list and a tree, which is very unlikely to be desired, you might want to graft your G input.

If this doesn’t work, could you upload a shorter version of your file, with this Brep internalized :

hi, thank you for your reply. I tried grafting my G input of the Custom Preview and I got the same outcome. Below I attached the file with the brep internalised. (441.0 KB)


I made this work, it was indeed a problem of components recieving trees instead of lists, and therefore not mapping values as intended.

I also corrected a few data structure problems in the rotating part - the mathematical rule, though, seems weird. If you want to rotate more as the distance grows, you need to sort your panels, or remap your scaling value.

Hope this file with the annotations will help you !

Reactors2(1).gh (433.6 KB)

thank you so much! it indeed does work now. in regards to the panels rotation i suppose i will have to take a second look at it. thanks!

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