Move point depending on other point

Hey I have not found any helpful entry so far.
I’m trying to create a joint like a meter stick where one point always moves in relation to the other.
Can someone give me a hint?
Thanks in advance


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Clustered and connected end-to-end is the beginning of robotics.

maybe something like this ? (11.8 KB)

I started with using transformations - that can be combined … but I am to tired to get this to work.
… so my suggestion uses the less sophisticated approach of repeating a pattern of components for each sections.
this will also show the dependency / nesting in a nice way hopefully.

you may also search for inverse kinematic, kinematic chain, …

hope this helps, kind regards, tom

This could be done with Kangaroo. As long as everything works in a plane, it’s fairly simple.

Also look at this topic:

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