Move object with 3d mouse?

is it possible to move an object with a 3d mouse or is it only the view that can be controlled? thanks! e

Just the view is controlled as I understand it. If it’s a 3D connexion device, you can try asking them if this is possible on one of the models they make.

Thanks BrianJ - I will ask them .

Hi, I was hoping for the same functionality. Seems like a missed opportunity for free-form positioning. Could we add to the wish list? This would be great for moving/rotating objects, but also for control points and (eventually) Sub-D faces :wink:


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I miss this function also.


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This just occurred to me today too - This would be a very fluid and fun tool to have at our disposal!

Maybe a script would do it?

The 3DxWare software that they ship with the 3d mouse actually has a simple learning program for moving and assembling of 3d objects, as a part of their tutorials. It’s very fun, but can’t be used for extremely precise assembly, because the angles at which the objects are moved and rotated are totally random and resemble the fluid movements of the human hand when moving objects in the real life. But it’s impossible to keep everything perfectly horizontal or at precise distance, thus it’s not that usable for engineering work where the accuracy is mandatory. However, this may be just enough for some free-form modeling of organic models, and especially SubD.