Toggling between camera mode and object mode

I’m using a spacemouse to navigate through 3d space, which works great. But is there a way to grab a model and move the model, rahter than move through space? Ideally I would use one of the buttons to grab a model, the same way a 2d mouse does.

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There have been no replies, so let’s try this again:
The McNeel docs mention the possibility to toggle between camera mode and object mode:
This sounds exactly what I am looking for. But I can’t find that option anywhere. I do see the 3DConnexion window in the Rhino preferences. but no toggle option.

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Hi Igor - the link you posted doesn’t open a web page here and I don’t know what is meant with camera mode vs. object mode.

Thanks. I’m not sure what is wrong with the link, but this is what that page has to say:

Object Mode
Simulates holding the model in your hand.
Push the cap left or right to move the model left or right.
Lift the cap up or push the cap down to move the model up or down.
Push the cap away or pull the cap forward to move the model back and forward.
Twist the cap in any direction to rotate the model in that direction.

Camera Mode
Simulates moving the view camera. Push, pull, twist or tilt to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate camera views.
Push the cap forward to move the camera forward into the scene. The scene will appear to move toward you.
Push the cap left or right to move camera to the left or right. The scene appears to move to the right or left.
Lift the cap up or push the cap down to move camera up or down.

Hi Igor - thanks for pasting that text - that help page is here:

It doesn’t look like that text is very Rhino-specific. I am told that modifying the geometry with a 3DConnexion device is not possible. The two different modes that are listed there are two different ways of navigating the scene where one way is camera-centric and the other is object-centric. You can achieve the same with a regular mouse by using Ctrl + Alt + RMB.

one way is camera-centric and the other is object-centric.

I don’t know what that means. Unfortunately I won’t be able to test it either. I work on a Mac which has no option key and no mouse. Instead I use a combination of a Wacom pen, a touchpad and a 3D spacemouse. That works pretty well, but it’s a bit frustrating not to be able to move an object with the 3D mouse, because that’s why I bought it in the first place. It is such an obvious feature that I never imagined not to be able to do it with a 3D mouse. Unfortunatly it turns out I was wrong.
Thanks anyway…

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Do you literally want to move and object orientation in 6-axis space? Or do you want the relative behavior?

My guess is that the frustration is probably due to 3dconnexion’s lack of ‘dolly zoom’ in Rhino – last time I checked.

Maybe it’s time I hammer this out for everyone, cause 15 yrs is a long time for stagnation.