Move everything to origin

How do I move everything to the origin? And how do I make the grid bigger so the map fits on top?map.3dm (345.3 KB)
Is there a way to link each layer together so they all center on the origin at the same time?

Hello - to move objects, select all, start Move, snap to the specific location that you wuold like to be on the origin as the ‘from’ point and then type in either ‘0’ and Enter or ‘W0’ and Enter, to move the objects; the latter will move to the world origin, the former to the active CPlane origin.
The grid can be set in DocumentProperties > Grid page.
I do not understand the last question…


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Your Z axis was pointing in the wrong direction. I fixed this problem using RemapCPlane command. I used SetPt command to move everything to Z = 0. As Pascal said, I used Options>Grid to raise Grid count line from 50 to 1000. The file is in Rhino 6 format.

map2.3dm (383.6 KB)

Learnt something new, thanks!

Hi again, it seems that each time I put in a Cplane command it only affects one of the viewports.

  1. How do I make it affect all of them?
  2. How do I change the top view to see the object?
  3. Is there also a way to select the very center of my combined objects? (I have two maps and I would like to select the very center of the both of them)
    Map Sketchup 002.3dm (9.3 MB)
  4. Is there a way to rotate the object so that it perfectly matches up with the CPlane? I imagine that there is a way to map an edge of the object to be parallel to the cplane edge?

Learning Rhino is very frustrating. I have followed all the Linkedin Learning tutorials but am still struggling to use this. :frowning: If anyone could provide support over message or the Discord platform that would be great.

Universal CPlanes

The Universal construction plane option results in the the Cplanes in all views being updated to remain orthogonal when the Cplane in one view is changed,
Options or DocumentProperties > Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Construction planes

Rotate or Orient

What do you mean by “cplane edge”? If you mean the visible grid then that is just part of the display, not an object you can use for geometry.

Turn on Grid to force the cursor to snap to the set grid intervals unless there is something else to snap to.

If Ortho is on then movement will be constrained parallel to axis and at a selected number of angles between orthogonal axis.

Click on the arrow icon next to “Top” in the Top viewport
“Set Camera” to “CPlane Top”

Hi - David pretty much answered your questions here.

That said, with your file, you probably don’t need to mess with Universal CPlanes.
With the Top viewport active, type Bottom. Then, with the Front viewport active and all layers unlocked and visible, select all and type RemapCPlane. Then click in the Bottom viewport. Then type Top with that viewport active.

If you then need your streets to line up with the axis, just select all and use the Rotate command.

Note that this model is rather messy and has 30 bad objects and many meshes that look like should be on the same elevation. If you are going to model something new in a specific area, you would want to look into modeling that area correctly with NURBS.