Move edge or face of a Brep?

I need to bulk edit a s#!*load of Breps by moving a specific edge in a specific direction.
I can manage to select the proper edge for each Brep and for each of them, define the specific translation vector, but there seems to be no way to edit the Brep like that in Grasshopper…

Hi osuire,

maybe try solidpoints on:
edit: sorry, didn’t realize you want to do this with gh; i think if you want to do this you have to construct your breps in that way that your breps are already the correct geometry ; editing with gh is rather hard

Well, I wish it wasn’t. I seems to be a legit and practical use of GH.

something like this?move single (192.6 KB)

sure its legit and practical, but comparatively construction of the “right” geometry in the first place is easier. but without an example it is harder to recommend any approach since most of the time this depends on the geometry.

this is one solution to the described problem- but most likely the wrong one since the question is rather vague (13.3 KB)

Konrad, don’t bother

good luck


Rhino is super bad at direct-editing geometry, unlike tools like Spaceclaim for instance.
But the little it can do should be made accessible in GH IMO.

Another try: edge move (35.8 KB)

Yay !
Thanks Mark.


I asked the similar question a while ago.
If you can do a bit C# scripting. These might help.

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