Rebuild (Update) brep with Rhino.Geometry BrepVertex Class

Hi, I’m trying to offset a mesh-like Brep accurately by translating its vertex using Python RhinoCommon API. I successfully moved the vertices but found the BrepEdges did not follow the translation

I tried to reset the BrepEdges with the SetStartPoint/SetEndPoint methods in BrepEdge Class, but the methods returned False for failure. Then I checked that the edges are not deformable for “squishy” transformations and cannot be made deformable. Though I’m not sure if changing EndPoints of a line-like curve has something to do with “squishy” transformation.
Here are my codes and I have also attached my files. I can easily reconnect the vertex and use the new curves to build a new Brep but I am searching for a method to rebuild or update the existing one, if possible. (4.0 KB)
Model_CC.3dm (2.1 MB)