Move / copy objects with locked direction and coordinates

Hi all,
There is a feature I really miss in Rhino 6 compared to Rhino 5.
In RH 5 you were able to move or copy an object (for example at unknown coordinates) along the Z axis to its desired Z coordinate using the move or copy command with locked direction (Vertical=Yes) and promted coordinates.

RH 5:

The result is a transformed object with same X / Y coordinates and the given Z coordinate.

RH 6:

The result in Rhino 6 differs insofar as the locked direction is ignored and the transformation is 100% done to the given coordinates.

Is there any fast workaround for this “problem” where I do not need to check the initial coordinates of the object wanted to transform?

@pascal @stevebaer Or to implement the direction lock into Rhino 6.


Hi Clemens,

This was fixed in but you won’t see it until the 6.1 service release which will be shortly after the initial 6.0 release. I know that’s a little odd from a user’s perspective considering how we haven’t shipped v6 yet… sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the info Brian, nice to know that its going to be fixed!