Move command V5 ..where is the crosshair gunsight cursor?

Venturing into V5 land, first task, Move my plan I have placed with PictureFrame.
Go Transform>Move and I dont have the crosshair tool to position on the datum cross on my raster plan.

Its instead a pointer triangle but useless for aligning to datum lines on plans…

I wish to carry on using gunsight crosshairs as in V4 for moving objects, datums, plans,…thank you.

Where in options does one get the move icon to be the crosshair as is normal ?

I have looked but cant find it.


If I understand you correctly, try Rhino Options - Appearance, and choose the Crosshairs option in “Show the following items” section.

I have just sussed what was going on but you beat me to my reply, you get the Gunsight when you have selected the raster image and hit enter.
Does same in Rhino V4, forgot it did that.
However in V4 one gets a standard pointer cursor, in V5 it had lost its ‘tail’ and thats what threw me. That part has been redesigned.

Once Object is selected and enter hit, the gunsight appears.

I also now know where the screen wide crosshairs live :slight_smile: