Gunsight takes on colour of layer and so vanishes into the object!

What setting will fix this, the gunsight of the mouse is orange for a layer given orange, red for a layer given red etc.

It doesnt take much imagination to see the problems that causes when seeing the cursor gunsight !
So I am trying to pick something in the vicinity of a dimension, that dimension is on the layer I am working on, coloured red and the cursor is not visible over the red arrow tip, it should be black or some kind of contrasting colour to the objects on a layer.
Never had this in V4.


Can you make a quick screen grab of this? I see that the cursor is the same color as the layer, but I can’t see it disappearing.

I think the problem is that the blip in the center of the cross-hairs (say inside the Line command when Rhino is is ‘get point’ mode) is getting lost among objects of the same color, is that correct, Steve?


Screen print doesnt capture the entire cursor but does the bit I wish to see, the little square with cross hairs within it, I will have to photo the screen.

I was working at arrow tips and on thick print preview lines and as such it vanished,

However if one opens a new file, creats a cube, place it onto red layer and activate the layer, then select line tool and work on left face, see image attached, the bit in the middle, which shows me exactly whats happening, vanishes as its red on red, just the merest white 4 pixels to show its little gunsight centre.

Just seems odd we wish to camoflage the cursor to the same colour as the object its working on, i.e. layer colour.

However its also doing so in V4. Its obviously programmed to be the layer colour, can an option for the ‘opposite’ colour be used ? having said that black would see white , though more programming to except white maybe.


does checking ‘crosshairs’ in appearance setting help you at all? I’ve always sworn by full screen cross-hairs since my acad days. So much easier to keep track of stuff, useful for aligning visually also.

I did have them on but I had project on and crosshairs and smart track and was getting overwhelmed with lines and irritated so turned them off. I have always worked without crosshairs though there are times they are useful but I like to see that little target sight.