Move Buttom Preferences - Vertical No/Yes

Point to move from ( Vertical=No ):

Previously I have been able to snap X,Y & Z, without having to tick ‘Vertical=Yes’.

Is there a way to set “(Vertical=Yes)” back to the default???

Also is it possible to get dimesions in perspective mode on the Z-plane? Thanks

Your description is a bit unclear but it sounds like maybe you have the ‘project’ box checked in the snap toolbar

This is something that you can do if you use the AutoCPlane script:

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try out that plug-in script.

Regarding the move command I don’t have the project box ticked.

Command sequence:
Move command - select object and hit enter - "Point to move from (Vertical=No):

Basically I want to have Vertical=No set to Vertical=Yes as default to move objects in 3 axis without having to hit ‘V’ everytime. Thanks.

You could map this macro to a button or key combination:

! _Select _Pause _Move v

if vertical was set to Yes by default, you’d only be able to move in one axis… up or down.

with vertical set to No, you should still be able to snap to anything on any axis as long as there’s something to snap to… are you saying your object stays on the XY plane even if your move_to point is up in the air?

My default setting at the moment is ‘Vertical=No’ which means I can move the object anywhere horizontally, but not vertically. When I change to ‘Vertical=Yes’ I can move anywhere vertically or horizontally…this is the setting I want to become default whenever I look to move from point.

This is not how Rhino works for me.

‘Vertical=No’ in Move does not restrict moving non-horizontally. You can snap to points anywhere and the object will move in three directions appropriately. To drag non-horizontally drag as usual in the local xy plane, and hold Ctrl key to drag parallel to the local z axis. ‘Vertical=Yes’ in Move restricts movement to only parallel to the local z axis. At least that is how Rhino has always worked for me, and how Rhino 5 worked when I experimented before typing this.