Units, save settings and object moving issues

Hi, I would like to save my unit settings and dimension settings so that I don’t have to keep changing it from centimeters. I do not see any way to change this and every time I change it, they go back to the default. Also, has any one experienced any issues when moving an object vertically? I try moving an object from a point in X,Y coordinates that I want, but am trying to zero the Z and it will not allow me to do it.

any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks!


Document settings like units are stored in your template - which is just a file that Rhino starts with. You will have to save a new empty document with the settings as you want them and then, when you start a new file in Rhino, tell Rhino to always start with that template document.

About the moving vertically. Could you describe a bit more what you are doing exactly?

In case you are just typing 0 at the ‘point to move to’ prompt, that will move the object 0 units vertically. You’ll have to type w0 to get it to move to the z=0 plane. The behavior of the command changes a bit from its basics as you can just type 0 at the ‘point to move to’ prompt when you are not restricting your movement in the vertical direction.

Hi, thanks. Yes I am trying to move an object vertical only, so I restrict it to that selection in the move selection. Though, the issue is that it will want to move horizontal rather than vertical whenever I move it, which is strange
Ill try the w0.


Hi Adam - the ‘Vertical’ option restricts movement to ‘vertical’ relative to the current CPlane, not to the World vertical (World Z) - does that explain what you are seeing?


Maybe, I’m not very familiar with CPlane, so maybe thats my problem

Hi Adam - each view has its own CPlane, they may or may not be the same from view to view. By default, Top and Perepctive use a World Top CPlane and the elevation views use World Right and Front planes, that is, the ‘vertical’ or Z in these last two planes will actually be along world X or Y, if you see what I mean.