Move along surface/ DragMode UVN

Is there any tool that will allow me to move an object along another surface without setting up a flow along surface command first? I recently discovered the UVN dragmode. This lets me move a surface control point along it’s own UVN directions. What if I want to move an object along another object’s UVN? Let’s say I want to drag this cube along the surface of the sphere. Is there a tool for that? If not, could there be?

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Hi Mike - I think there could be, but there is not now a way to do this.


This would be a REALLY welcome addition. In jewelry design, we often end up needing to nudge a gemstone or a prong a little on top of a compound surface. Being able to move an object along another object’s surface would be extremely helpful.

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@Jarek 's Armadillo tool may do some of this.


Actually the below experimental one was closer for what I think you need, but it doesn’t offer a way to do it for an object that has been placed already; rather a way to intuitively place objects on top of other objects… still, maybe it would help:


Hi @Pascal and Jarek,

Thanks for the tip. Is there any chance this could make it onto a Rhino 7 wish list? Or is it too late for that?

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