Move a drawing from top to right


I have a set of forms that exist on the top viewport, I need to move them to the right plane so I can extrude them for a control panel…


(David Cockey) #2

Geometry in Rhino exists in a 3D space, and the different viewports are different views of the same space. You can move the viewing position in each viewport to see different parts of the 3D space. This is a critical concept to understand when using Rhino.

Select what you want to see and then use the command Zoom with the All option and then the Extents option to move the viewports so the current objects are visible in each viewport. (Shortcut for the command is Ctrl-Alt-E keys together.)

If your objects are flat (2D) and oriented so you see them in the top viewport then you will be looking at edges of them in the right viewport. Use the Rotate command to orient the objects so that they are normal to the right viewport.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Paul - not sure if it’s what you need but RemapCPlane from the Top to Right may help. See Help on this command.



That was the key, they are ready to go.