Left and bottom views

I am bran new to Rhino am I able to have a left view and a bottom view? Right now it only shows top, perspective, front and right.

Also, do I have to leave that view to go to a new view? Can I just be at the top view and then rotate like I would be able to with 3ds Max?

SetView CPlane Left
SetView CPlane Bottom

You can cycle between viewports using Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab or ViewportTabs, you can also switch viewports using Ctrl+F1,Ctrl+F2,Ctrl+F3,Ctrl+F4.

You need to first change the viewport projection to Perspective.

when I did the SetCiew Cplane Left it did exactly what I wanted it to do. like i mentioned about the 3ds max thing! If went to the left view and I was still in perspective. that’s what I want!

can I somehow make that command happen by just typing L for left and r for right and t for top etc??

Thank you

Tools > Options > Keyboard

The Keyboard options manage keyboard shortcuts to run Rhino commands or scripts. However, you can only set macro for predefined available key combinations.

Welcome @u0888250
You might try OneView

what does oneview do?

I mean… it sounds very self explanitory, but I typed the command and nothing happened so i’m sure what to expect

Hello - Fred_C’s link above should help.


sorry I didn’t realize it was a link my bad. new to this