Mouse Surfacing / Network Surface Not Tangent / Merge Edges Not Working

Hey Rhino Fam!

Uploaded some photos. Building a computer mouse now [Microsoft Surface] and came across two issues I’d like to get your thoughts on:

  1. Sometimes the MergeAllEdges command doesn’t work or it go through but then when I select that edge to use for Network, it ends up not selecting the entire edge. In the first attached photo, I’m showing that I want that surface edge between the two curves, but it’s only selecting up to half. I run Split Edges to cut into the edges I need, but what would be the opposite of that? [if MergeEdge is not working]

  2. Photos 01 - 03 are showing how I’m building the main surface of the mouse. I have a surface up top and then a reference surface for the flat. Reference curves < BlendCrv < then using 4 sides for NetworkSrf. Building the 4 flats first, and then the rounds to connect them. But as seen in the last photo, there are divets and not perfectly tangent surfs, have tried both G2 and G3 on the Network. Could it be something is not quite right with the main surface up top?


Hi @princevince-

It always helps if you upload a sample file where you are stuck so people can see what is going on. If you’re still stuck, that is :wink: