Curve Network doesn't seem to work


I’ve been following a tutorial on Rhino and in one of the exercises we are building a mouse. In the step to use the Curve Network I’m not getting any preview and when I hit OK I’m not getting any surface. The only message I see is “Sorting Curves…” I’ve included a sample file to test the curve network. I’m on the latest release of Rhino and I just upgraded my mac to 10.9.5.

CanvasNetworkBug.3dm (42.0 KB)

Any help would be appreciated


Take a look at the bottom flat curve here. If it’s split like this you can use the other two curves at the same time. If you leave the bottom as two halves, the curve closest to the shared end points must be omitted for it to work. I also used Match (average option) first before splitting the bottom curve to get rid of the little discontinuities.

CanvasNetworkBug_bjames.3dm (274.0 KB)