Mouse selection behavior

I’ve tried to manually port my RH5 settings over to RH6 so that I can finally start doing ‘production work’ :wink:

I cannot seem to find a setting to control how I can select objects with the mouse. Example scene: two boxes ‘behind’ one another; one tall, and one short. In front view, I try to windows select upper left to bottom right around the short one only. Both get selected. That is, it behaves as if I cross-selected from bottom right to top left. The “Mouse group select” is set to Combo, as it is in my RH5. Looking in the “Settings Editor” (that looks like a handy new addition, by the way) and searching for “select” there doesn’t appear to be an other setting to control this.

This behavior seems to be limited to extrusion objects…

Hi Wim- here, it looks like if the window selection captures the base curve of an extrusion, then the extrusion is selected- is that what you see?


Hi Pascal,
Yes, that is exactly right, I hadn’t noticed that yet. Thanks for filing this one!