Window selection not selecting groups

When I window select a group, the group doesn’t get selected
When I window select a bunch of objects including a group the group also does not get selected but the other objects do.
I can select the group with window crossing or mouse clicking but not with window selection. Is this new behavior or perhaps just seeing this for the first time, seems groups should also select when they are within a window selection?

Hi RM - to select a group with a window all objects - the entire group - must fall in the window. Does that make sense with what you see?


Hi Pascal, I can only get this to work in perspective and top view. If I window select a group in front or side view no selection. Perhaps a bug here?

Seems to have something to do with the black on white display mode though that works in top view
Yes for me definitely the black on white display in front and left views won’t allow selection of groups with window select, other display modes work

Hi RM - are things edge- on (2d in top) in the Front view?


Hi Pascal,
Ok I see what it is, create a group of objects curves, srfs. Set your viewport to Black on white and make sure in options for the black on white mode that curves are not checked. Now try Window selecting of a group. it won’t work in that display mode in any type of viewport, now go back into options and turn curves on for Black on white now notice you can now window select groups. My groups contain curves but curves don’t display in black on white unless you check that setting to show curves so I guess this is by design? Maybe it extends to any viewmode that has certain objects enabled or not? I think it should work because you can select the group with a mouse click or with window crossing, I’m glad I know what’s causing it.
I’m using (6.13.19058.371, 2/27/2019)