Mouse or tablet?

Anyone using a tablet like wacom (?) for rhino work? How does it compare to a mouse? Advantages/disadvantages?

Hi Peter,

Loooong time Wacom user here.
For years I used a big Intuos II

Compared to a mouse:

No more mouse hand/carpal tunnel horror.
MUCH nicer to draw with

Takes a bit of getting used to the Absolute vs Relative positioning, but once you do that becomes a positive thing.
Can’t flick the cursor across the screen like a mouse.
Takes up a lot of desk real estate

I’m now on a Wacom Cintiq 24HD and I’ll never look back (unless I lash out for the 27HD ;-). Especially in Photoshop or 3DCoat where you are working directly onto the image the Cintiq can’t be beaten.
For Rhino and any programs where I don’t want my hand covering up the image I toggle screen to another monitor and use the Cintiq like a normal tablet.

So my personal feeling is that they are superb.


I am like @Steve_Howden, the RSI avoidance is the big plus for me. I love the ability to also assign mouse functions to my pen. Dont bother with the buttons on the Wacom itself much.

I prefer the smaller old bamboo size Intuos, less desk space and I have to move my hand less. Pretty cheap investment to have a try if you work all day in Cad. I also use a track ball mouse so for me it is not all or nothing. Just don’t use the normal mouse anymore.