I am using Rhino 7 and want opinions on tablets I may use with it

Hi I have been learning Rhino a lot lately in my design class. I’m an architecture student. I also would be using photoshop, autocad and SketchUp at some point. I really love the Rhino and enjoy learning new commands. I do have a injury that causes me to accidentally left click when I don’t want to as I’m sure you can imagine it is frustrating when you don’t want to left click. So I considering purchasing a Walcom tablet and pen such as Intuos or Cintiq. Before I do spend so much on something like that I am curious if anyone has a suggestion of a less expensive option which will allow me to use the pen and tablet idea or any tips such as not needing a tablet with a display play screen and so on. I dream of having the best large display out there but realistically right now it may not be necessary for a $2000 one. I found a few between 99 and 250 walcom makes but being I am learning and practicing someone here may know which is the best purchase I can make I won’t regret in a few months, as in not being able to do some commands and whatnot. I’m on beginner level now but I’m understanding it and anticipate learning more rapidly.

Hi, I use a Wacom “Intuos PT M” tablet with Rhino and haven’t had any problems with it, at the time it was the cheapest medium size tablet I could find ($150?). I don’t use any of the special buttons on it, just strictly as a replacement for a mouse. The only downside is the cable is starting to come apart after a couple years of use and they don’t seem to sell replacements for it.