Is wacom tablet a nice switch from mouse? Want to avoid potential carpal tunnel down the road. Suggestions?

Several work colleagues use a wacom table and I thought I’d switch to see if I like it. Any suggestions for model and methods of use with rhino? Ive never used a tablet before.

I have used one on and off over the years it has many uses that are much easier than using a mouse. Once you get used to the pen it gets comfortable.
I have a friend that only uses the Wacom for everything he does. Buy a small one to see if it suits you needs.

I’m using a Wacom tablet with rhino almost every day.
it’s really good but you have to move the toolbar on the right to have short movement of the hand while modeling.

Thanks. Any chance you can suggest settings or tutorial on how to get up and running efficiently with wacom tablet (non screen version–just the base model) and rhino?

Hello. Could you give details about setting the controls on Wacom tablet: 3D navigation (zoom, pan, orbit) and the 3 mouse clicks ?