Motion capture

Hi all,

I am trying to create a motion capture from an object, a silhouette etc.
I want create a surface from the motion.
something like this:

This is a little advanced i want to make it more simplified as a first step.
What is the best way to approach this? Or how can i make this?
I want to let a simplified bird fly or men walk along a path and create a mesh from the motion it has made.

Hope this is clear.
Thanks in advance!


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Awesome thanks! Have seen it.
I just dont have Kinect, is there a way to mimic or recreate the movement within grasshopper or something?


In the video description said they used recorded data if i am not wrong
Maybe you can export skeleton lines sequence from another software and import it in rhino

with help of blender that is possible but need script to load obj animation and group bones than move every group

And that

This is definitely a good way to start.
Just thinking out loud, to mimic movement would it also be possible to make a curve as the path that the object is moving along.
And the next step could be to transform the object so for example moving arms along the path.
What do you think?

Wow that looks awesome!
I will take a look into that, and see if i somehow can create a surface/mesh from that instead of points

in blender it’s easy ; you apply the motion to the character or you assign curve to every bone (like what i did)
the curves follow the animation but than you need scripting ; i don’t have idea about that