More than a wish: better (free?) arrangement of the status bar


since a long time I’m not happy about the status bar of Rhino 5 and R6 could be a chance to change it. :wink:

  • long layer paths can’t be read -> could be placed at the right place where the line end is open
  • since large screens (4k/5k) allow to use much more screen space the changing informations of available RAM / tolerance / time since last save / … could be permanent shown. It breaks the workflow to wait for the needed information

Could be great if the issues could be fixed. The luxury solution would be that the user can choose per RMB click on the status bar which informations are shown and if the fields could be free arranged.


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Hi Micha - you’re asking to be able set which info is in that list at all, that is, be able to shorten the overall list, not control which items are cycled, which is currently possible… is that correct?

I agree with your general point that being able to use wide screens more effectively would be grand, I’ll make an official bug track item for that.



Interesting, I didn’t know that it is possible to set the cycled items. But it doesn’t help, since cycling infos is breaking the workflow by waiting for the needed info is shown.
I would prefer to free arrange not cycled items and the last item in the line with open end for showing long layer path names.

If you could have more than one instance of the existing list, and control where they display on the status bar (and drag their width as Micha suggests, much like any other toolbar), that would be very useful. I’m sure there are other items that users would like to be added to the pick list, too?

On my main (30") monitor the real estate that could be given over to these bits of information is considerable. At the moment it’s just empty space.

I like both your ideas MattE. I hardly ever look at the cycled list as you describe, but the long layer look sounds great. —Mark

They’re Micha’s ideas - not mine :slight_smile:
Having full layer path displayed for a selected object would be great. For those with smaller screens, perhaps show the full path as a tool tip on cursor-over? The tool tip on my Rhino 5 on mouse-over currently doesn’t behave. I often get the current layer name, not the selected object layer name.