Freeform Sculptures

A couple of days of just playing around within Rhino…freeform sculptures rendered in Arion.


Long time no hear…
Nice! - as usual …

Thanks! They are always fun to do. I’m in Rhino every day and continue to use Brazil and Arion…I just don’t post as much. When the forum format changed a few years ago I found it was a little to clunky for me to follow things.

Really lovely renders, are you making these sculptures too?


Thanks! Aron is a very nice rendering engine.

Yes, they are my freeform geometric explorations. I only have a general sense of how they will turn out and the whole process is a ‘guiding’ of the tools and then knowing when to stop…very easy to over-do them. What appeals to me most are the happy ‘accidents’ which occur along the way.


Missed you Paul, glad you found your way here! Always love seeing your unique visions.

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Looking great, so what’s your basic tools and process you like using to creat this kind of abstract accidental forms?

For these, the Twist tool is my tool of choice:-)

I make a few primitives and start twisting away! Lot’s of fun.