Moment of Inspiration 3D - copy/paste to Rhino 6 no longer works as in RhinoV5 - Is a V5 rhino3dm copy/paste possible?


I use Moi beta 4 and Rhino V5, and the copying and pasting between them is a huge timesaver.

Rhino V6 now places a format called “Rhino3dmV6” in the clipboard when copying which Moi ignores.

Rhino V6 also now ignores the older “Rhino3dm” label from Rhino 5 which is the same label as Moi uses.

Is there any setting that can change the copy/paste behaviour, or possiblity the addition of a legacy copy/paste option in a later release? I have contacted the developer of Moi regarding this as well.

I understand the new format file changes bring incompatibilites, but even a one way copy ( older version able to be pasted to newer V6 software) would be great.

Many thanks

There is a setting for that in RhinoOptions, but as far as I know, it set to True by default:

You can toggle this option using the following script too:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino
currentState = Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings.ClipboardCopyToPreviousRhinoVersion
result = Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetBool("Currently copies are performed in", True, "theCurrentVersionOnly", "BothVersions", currentState)[1]
Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings.ClipboardCopyToPreviousRhinoVersion = result (360 Bytes)



Thank you for your reply and script.

The option is set in my advanced settings and I tested both true/false but the clipboard data remains the same as before - Rhino3dmV6

From the setting name this only affects the copy to clipboard function within Rhino?
I tried a paste from a Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 which also fails to work. Mac does not allow concurrent running of V5 and V6, so I opened V5, copied a simple shape into the clipboard, closed V5 and opened V6 and pasted, but the result is the same.

Should I report a bug for this?


option-set-true-clipboard !


It seems like a bug because it doesn’t behave as explained here.
P.S. You categorize your topic under Rhino for windows section. selecting the correct category for your topics helps others to find the solution faster.

to be fair it seems that @dale recategorised from mac to windows.


Thank you again for you help, I will report it as a bug.

I have updated the category to Rhino for Mac, my apologies for the incorrect details.


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Thanks for checking. I thought I had marked it as mac when I first posted.

Hi - thanks for the report. I’ve filed RH-57560 for a developer to take a look.

Hello Wim,

That is great, thank you very much.

I’ve uploaded a clipboard viewer and the xcode project for it, as the stock OSX is limited in displaying clipboard info.


clipboard viewer app and (122.8 KB)

An additional edit - just a note regarding the bug report, it only mentions changing the behaviour for Rhino V6 copy - that is, putting both Rhino3dm and Rhino3dmV6 formats into the clipboard, which would fix the problem in one direction -> from Rhino V6 to Rhino V5/Moi.

The issue I raised was also about the other direction as well, Rhino V6 not recognising Rhino3dm data being pasted from Rhino V5 or Moi.

Steps to reproduce:

In Mac Rhino 5 copy geometry to the clipboard and exit Rhino.

Launch Rhino 6 and attempt to paste. No result – expected result is for Rhino v6 to make use of Rhino v5 clipboard data if only that is present and not any v6 clipboard data.

Thanks again.

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