Copy/paste from Rhino 3 to Rhino 6?


Is the posibility to paste data from Rhino 3 to Rhino 6 gone?
I know that it was possible from Rhino 3 to Rhino 5.
If possible to add, it would be of grate benefit for my company.
We have plugins that only work in Rhino 3 and afterwards we copy/paste it into the newest version to continue the work.


Yes, it should work fine. Download Rhino 6 and give it a try.

Hi Bob,

Yes, it should work fine

Actually it doesn’t, I just tried. =)

And i mean using ctrl+C and ctrl+V, not export/import solution.
We don’t want to use the extra step where we have to save the file in Rhino 3 and open it up in Rhino 6.

It might sound like a silly thing to aks for, but we use large files and work simultaniusly with 3 and 6.


poke on this thead =)

Confirmed, it does not work with V3. Nor, correctly at least, from V4 I think.
@socken A workaround might be to make macros in both V6 and V3:

from 6:
! -Export version=3 "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\clipboard.3dm" Enter

from 3:
! -Export "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\clipboard.3dm" Enter

back into 3 and 6:
! -Import "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\clipboard.3dm" Enter


Thanks for the answer. Is the option gone forever? :wink:
Or might it be possible to add in a service release? ;););):wink:

Thanks again for the help!