Copy & Paste from Rhino V7 to Rhino V5

Hi guys’

I’m using Rhino 7 for all the modeling of the working files, yet due to our older CAM software not recognizing V7, I need to save it all as a Rhino V5 file.

I was able to copy paste directly from 1 V6 file to V5 previously, yet I’m finding this doesn’t work in V7?


Piet Boer

Hi Piet-correct, Copy/paste works one version back. You will need to Export/Import - you can make macros for this to speed things up, eg.

! _-Export _pause Version=5 "C:\Users\USER_NAME\Desktop\copypaste.3dm"

and a corresponding to use in V5:

! _-Import "C:\Users\USER_NAME\Desktop\copypaste.3dm"