“Molding/melting” object to object

Hello all!

My assignment is to create something made from objects that it wouldn’t normally be made out of…I want to create an old Dodge Challenger with massive out of scale flashlights for the headlights. I would like for the merge between the two (car / flashlight) to seem like someone bent the frame out so the flashlight could fit, or as if the flashlight was pushed out from behind. I can’t find any command that will give me the look desired. See example…

Any suggestions??

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quite a challenge to do it in nurbs… but never the less, I would inspect:


Here is my file. you can see the car with the flashlight sticking out. Don’t mind the rest of the oddness lol.

File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NV2PJIYJkBENsju03da3myh2WeKRNa22/view?usp=sharing

Looks like cage edit and soft move could possibly be used. Bend, taper, splop, and the flow commands seem like they won’t give accurate results. I was hoping to do it quite specifically to where I would not have to “guess” or “hand sculpt” how the object would look if the flashlight was pushed through.

Any clarification on to how I could accomplish the task with or without those commands?

I would keep it simple and only use blend curve and surface from 4 edge curves commands.

Arch_Representation_Model_5.3dm (5.3 MB)

I thin cage edit is the way to go here,… you can create a bounding box around the spotlight and fit the control object to it… choose your resolution wisely, 4x4x4 won’t bo enough. and then, very important, choose local falloff in the commandline options! I used 7 here in this example.
performance wise I would have suggested to do it on a mesh instead of the polysrf car, but as amatter of fact there seems to be some bug with cageEdit and meshes, so that moving a point of the control object back to it’s original position does not restore the shape of the mesh, but keeps on deforming it in unexpected ways. but right now I do not want to document this properly.
*edit: strange enough, I just tried again with meshes and now it worked ok.
you could use something like weaverbird to add some subdivisions to the mesh at some point.

btw. moveUVN will work on cage control points, which is helpful to restore their position.

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Thank you! can you elaborate a little more for me? I am quite the novice, although I see how you accomplished it only when I run those commands I can’t comprehend how you came to that outcome.

in case you are asking for the Cage edit, here is a quick sketch, you can see the commands in the command line

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