Blending organic shapes


I’m trying to blend a bunch of streched out spheres together. I could go in and start splitting things up and creating blends but I was hoping for an easier way to do it. I don’t mind converting it to a mesh. I tried bringing it into sculptris but the mesh tears apart when I do.

Any suggestions?

BumpBlend.3dm (174.6 KB)

Hi Owen- if you want to do this to a meshed version in Sculptris, Weld the mesh at 90 degrees before exporting it and it will not (I think) tear.


I get a too many connections to a vertex error from sculptris when I try this. I seem to get that error any time I have the welded box checked on the obj export

Hi Owen- see if running Weld on the mesh in Rhino prior to exporting does anything… different.


Still couldn’t get it to import.
I ended up just using a ton of blend surfaces. It’s a bit of a mess but since it’s just for visualization ill do. Is there a better tool to use for this kind of situation?

My suggestion is to union all of the blob parts, and then run a single fillet command for all of the arc edges. The longer the shortest arc of them is, the bigger radius fillet you can get, and so the better visual smoothness there will be shown by resulting shape.

Boolean together, then convert to mesh and smooth using weaverbird?

Below is a mesh test of your model which is a bit more oriented to sculpting…

File: BumpBlend_CG.3dm (2.1 MB)