Modifying faces of a brep in gh

Hey there,

I am struggling a bit doing this. To make it a bit easier to explain, i simplified the problem as much as possible. Basically, i have a brep and a circle. I want to modify (in grasshopper) the brep so that one of the faces (the non-orthogonal face) is in the same plane as the circle.

modify brep faces.3dm (25.1 KB)

i know it would be easier to create the geometry directly to match this but unfortunately this is not possible due to the features of the model (remember, this is just a simplification).

thank you so much in advance!!

R7 file cannot be opened in R6.

From your image, the changes appear to be substantial if you don’t want the circle to extend above the brep, and even if that’s OK, three faces need to be longer.

oops sorry, here it is in rhino 6

modify brep faces r6.3dm (25.1 KB)

its not a problem if the circle extends above the brep, i just want them to be in the same plane.

Is the brep always square to the ‘World XY’ plane?

nope, the real model is something like this:
and i want to bring the blue face in the same plane as the red circle. i am imagining some distortion like the one you get when using the solid control points tool in rhino.

Not sure it would be of some help or not… (14.9 KB)

this looks like it could work, ill give it a try. thank you!!

for some reason it doesnt work with project but it works perfectly with pull point. thank you so much!!