Invalid BREP with Surface Morph component in Grasshopper


I try to map a custom Voronoi surface on an Easter Egg created by a revolution of a curve at 360°. I use a Grasshopper file which help to make the job done, evrything work fine, but on the last component Surface Morph, I get always an error “Invalid BREP”.

The graphical result is shown normally inside Rhino, it seems to have no problem visually, but I can not bake it.

Here are the 3 files, the Grasshopper file, the Rhino file and the screen capture of the error.

Thanks for your help,

Pierre (172.5 KB)
ChocoEgg.3dm (667.5 KB)

The visual issues were the first thing I noticed…

Here’s one alternative solution. (221.7 KB)

Thank you very much for your help,

You saved my work, this was a really complex problem. Whithout you, I should have give up this part of my design.

It worked fine for my chocolate egg but if I want to change the entry object in you GH file, what is the component where you specify the entry surface ? I see only a sphere, but what about if I want to create this design for a pyramid or a cube ? Thank you,

I wish you a good weekend,