Modify titleblock parameters

I’m trying to modify the parameters of multiple titleblocks. Is there a method to get this parameters and modify them?

Hi Johan, Those can be tricky to figure out :slight_smile:

The parameters are part of the View.

Adding a Shared Parameter Label to the Title block can be accessed by adding the shared parameter to the project in the Sheet category.

Query the Sheets View to access the parameter that was placed in the Titleblock family.

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Does it have to be shared?

I actually tried this but it didn’t show me the text parameters… :face_with_monocle:

I’ll have a look today. Thanks.

I tried this and yes, Inspect element reads the titleblock parameters too.
I think i tried this yesterday and i didn’t work…


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I have another challenge.

I have visibility parameters that i need to edit (like a visibility options for my keyplan).
And i’m not able to see this parameters through the inspect element component.
Is it possible to get and edit them?

You will have to get to the TitleBlock Family for the Visibility Parameters.

Tested with a Nested Family as well as Filled Region.

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