Modify solid objects in hollow objects

good would like to modify solid objects in hollow objects could anyone knows how do it

Generally, you cannot without making a hole. There’s a trick that you could use as a work around that you can search for on discourse (I’m on a phone and it’s getting late here or I would look it up myself).

The important question, though, is why do you feel that you need this?

I want to take a tour in a figure like a pipe with various forms.

In Rhino, “solid” objects are actually polysurfaces which totally enclose a space. They are hollow, and you can zoom in until you are viewing the inside. But the inside surfaces are not shaded or rendered, so depending on your display settings, you will see only wireframes against your normal background, or just the background.


I mean manipulating figures will print hollow and hollow figures

I’m not sure what that means. Could you elaborate? are you manufacturing physical objects or making visualizations?

I want to create physical objects, through a rhinoceros

excuse my expression, I have difficulty sometimes convey ideas, the idea is to make a hollow shape of a 3D CT image, the display is made of rhino and now I need to know if possible before the printing is a hollow object, as it is a picture of the surface obtained in .stl format, thanks for your help.