Creating a hole between outer and inner mesh. Hollow object for 3D-printing


I get complex models from my customers and I prepare them for 3D-printing in a external program. The out-put is a hollow object, one mesh of the outside and one inside.

Now my 3DS printer doesn’t recognise this object as being hollow and likes to print it solid. I need to add a hole, a connection between the two meshes.

Is there a way to do this easily within Rhino-mac? Ofcourse I could go back to Nurbs again and do it but this would take time and calculation power. So my question would refer to the mesh commands.


One quick and dirty way perhaps… Find a mesh triangle on the outer mesh and a corresponding triangle somewhere nearly opposite it on the inner mesh. Then use DeleteMeshFace to delete both. Then use 3DFace to make a quad bridge between one side of the inner mesh opening and a corresponding side of the outer mesh opening you just created. Do the same for the other two sides. Select all and Join…

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