Objects for 3D print

I am using Rhino for 3D printed objects. Sometimes the objects should be hollow.

I do know Rhino considers solids technically as polysurfaces (so they should be hollow already). But they 3D print solid, and I also need to be able to set the thickness of the walls. Does it matter how it make them from the beginning?

I sometimes use a 2D Illustrator drawing as the shape template.

Thanks in advance!

Either way works. For some things starting with a solid and hollowing it will be easier, sometimes not.

When building objects out of individual surfaces, you do need to model carefully and make sure your adjoining surface edges are really lined up within joining tolerance so that they can be joined into a closed object later. My advice is always to join as you go and check your naked edges. You have more flexibility building objects out of surfaces and joining, but you do need keep an eye on things more closely.


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Remember, too, that the ‘hollow’ place needs to have a vent to the outside. This is so that the ‘support’ material can be removed.

Of course you can build it without a vent, just leave the support material inside…

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