Modify/replace geometries in family type


I’m trying to find a way to transfer a series of custom shape beams from Grasshopper to Revit. I used to use Revit adaptive components with Excel to transfer these, but I’m wondering if RiR could be a better method.
Below is steps that I’m taking:

  • Shapes of all beams are similar but every beam is unique.
  • I want to make beams different types under one family instead of creating different families.
  • Create shared parameters for this family. (I think RiR guides have it.)
  • Replace an initial geometry in a new family type with unique geometry for different beam types.
  • Add different parameter values to each beam type. These are not parameters controlling shapes, but just data for schedules.

Is there a way to replace/modify an existing geometry in each family type with new geometries?
Are there better ways to achieve what I’m trying to do?
Thank you.