Modify/replace geometries in family type


I’m trying to find a way to transfer a series of custom shape beams from Grasshopper to Revit. I used to use Revit adaptive components with Excel to transfer these, but I’m wondering if RiR could be a better method.
Below is steps that I’m taking:

  • Shapes of all beams are similar but every beam is unique.
  • I want to make beams different types under one family instead of creating different families.
  • Create shared parameters for this family. (I think RiR guides have it.)
  • Replace an initial geometry in a new family type with unique geometry for different beam types.
  • Add different parameter values to each beam type. These are not parameters controlling shapes, but just data for schedules.

Is there a way to replace/modify an existing geometry in each family type with new geometries?
Are there better ways to achieve what I’m trying to do?
Thank you.

Is this still an issue? Using RIR to create multiple types within a family is tricky because you need to find a way to “change” that geometry. Why do you need to change the type within a family instead of making separate families? RIR could still “change” the beam family for you.

Hey Marcello, it’s been a while to ask this question, but I think it was for a situation like this:

  • Most beam geometries were essentially very similar, but they had different lengths and varied connections at grid intersections.
  • If I model these beams in Revit, I will create several families and then make various types under limited number of families with varied parameter values controlling geometries without making 100+ different families.
  • With RiR, I was testing to see if I could mimic the similar organization in creating families while skipping the process to make Revit families with parametric geometries. It often takes time to prepare parametric Revit families and parameter values from Grasshopper, so I wanted to use non-parametric geometries (“unique geometries” in my question) to speed up the transfer process.
    I think you’re correct that it’s better to make separate families in this situation. My idea doesn’t seem viable. BTW, congratulations on the success of your new book!

Dongyeop thank you for the kind words. Should we consider this issue solved via using a single type in a single family and change the family via GH Type Component?

I’m not sure if I’m clear about “changing the family via GH Type Component”. Are you suggesting a more efficient way to create different family types, although it will generate all unique Revit families with single types? Do you have a simple example?