Modify font of the TextObject

Hi guys,

I am using the latest WIP. I noticed that it is not possible to modify Font of the TextObjects when few of those with different content are selected. I would expect to be able to assign one font to all text objects in the document regardless of the content of each individual Text Object.


Are you sure you refer to TextObject?
TextObjects are just objects. They don’t remember that they once were strings.

If you mean Text, this has been changed in RH6 to depend on a style. There has been many changes to the annotation system and I guess we’re not quite done.

@lowell, if two texts are selected that have different styles, I can see that you can press the Edit Style button, but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t really know what should be done in these cases, though… (i.e. easily change only the font of different styles).

Yes, I mean this one - V6 text object.
Well, if both objects have the same style but different content - unfortunately I cannot change its Font.


That looks like a bug, yes.

Yes, There are still some rough edges on those dialogs.
You should be able to change font when multiple objects have different fonts and the edit style button should be disabled when selected annotations have different styles.
I’m pretty sure there’s already a bug report for the font one and I’ll make one for the style button.