How to change font for all text


I have a bunch of text objects and want to change the font.
Yet the font box is greyed out…

This happens when any of the text is set in multiple fonts or different fonts

What am I missing?

While at it:
If I select multiple texts and ‘Remove Style Overrides’ the undo stack gets filled with the removal of each override, this should be packed as one undo-action.


Ugh - text editing is broken on my box for the moment, I’ll check this when I can.
In any case, without selecting the text you can change the font in the Annotation Style in DocumentProperties, as text is now governed by the Dimstyle.



I wrote bug reports on both of those things.
You should still be able to set the font even if text using two different fonts is selected.
Also, in looking at those problems, I see that selecting multiple text objects with different styles doesn’t work well after a few times

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