360 virtual tour from model geometry and 360 image render

Hi Guys,

I am trying to do a 360 Virtual tour similar to the one in the video here:

The owo360 website seems to not be working. I am trying to make a virtual tour where it’s a combination of 3d model and the 360 images. So you could click on multiple locations. And I want to host it in my website afterwards.

Any ideas if something similar to owo360 exists out there?


Jonas Blazinskas

There a lot of solutions for VR tours available, for example Pano2VR and 3Dvista are two big players. I like 3Dvista, the UI is quite easy to use and the 3D transition feature is a highlight - simple and effective.

Thanks Micha,

I spent solid 5 hours last night going down this rabbit hole. And yeah I decided that the most important feature is seamless transition between hotspots. I have seen amazing transitions from https://matterport.com/ when done with pictures and a lot of close hotspots. But not sure if they do support geometry coming from 3d software.

Over all I feel like I want something out there that would have actual focus towards workflow from 3d software. As you could imagine if you produce a lot of hotspots and then you have to manually stitch them together to a walkthrough it could be really tedious.

I’m not sure I understand - do you find a solution?

Not fully, looking something closer to matterport but for 3D workflow integration so I wouldn’t have to position all the links between hotspots manually. I wrote an e-mail to matterport to see if they support 360 render support.

Something simple like the Google street view app workflow would be nice: place pano locations at a floorplan, activate connection lines between them and align the radar - ready.

Even better if you could export camera locations when rendering and use those for positioned together with the images.

Hi Jonas! Have you found a solution for this topic? I’ve been searching for the same thing than you for months but with no luck yet. Help would be very appreciated

Once upon a time, many many years ago, you could make a VR virtual tour with QuickTime. Not sure if That is still a supported feature, but basically you turn QuickTime into a [quest-like] video game, incl. point-and-click feature.

Apparently it is not that big of a problem to do it with your browser today - this example https://www.cheetah3d.com/download/HTML5pano/ seems to be using pure HTML5 and javascript with like 200 lines of code