Modelling stubbed-out cigarette butt

Hey everyone, I would like to model a cigarette butt like in the sketch that I attached.
How would you go about it? Is there a way to maybe simulate this stubbing out with grasshopper?
I barely have any experience with grasshopper, so I would appreciate your advice or any alternative ideas! :slight_smile:

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I would do this with a SubD loft. It starts with a tube and you can squeeze and stretch until the zigarette is finally done. Should not be a big deal and you directly see what we get.
For sure there are different ways to program this within Grasshopper, but if you are new to it I recommend the “traditional” way.

Part of me wants to try this with Kangaroo but the other part of me is thinking “Why???”

You could model a cigarette stub as a cylindrical mesh with lower stiffness on one end (the bit that isn’t the filter) and then simulate a solid body collide between the cylindrical mesh and the XY plane, at an angle and perhaps also with some rotation, to see how it deforms.

I think you might spend ages tweaking the model to get something that looks right and in the end it might have just been easier to do what @s.alt has suggested.

Maybe sell it to us a bit more… why are you doing this?

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You can look at Wrinkling simulation using Kangaroo

Thanks for your answer, I‘ll give it a go!

Thanks for your input!
The idea is to have it 3d-printed and then use this print to create a plaster mould for porcelain

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Looks nice, I think that might work too. Thanks!

Oh, well, I like the idea of a large porcelain cigarette butt so I had a go…

It’s fun to play with but probably best to model it manually!

Perhaps some of the grasshopper experts on here can do better. The mesh doesn’t really deform how a cigarette would and the result is self intersecting. We could add a twisting motion as well as a stubbing motion and perhaps try to avoid self intersection. (37.7 KB)

Haha I’m glad and surprised, I convinced you. I appreciate that you tried it! The grasshopper looks quite complicated to me as it is - still not sure if I can convince my professor of the idea, but in case I do, I’ll model it manually.

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