Shell-like structure, no idea what plugin to look into

Hello there,

Attached you will find a picture of my physical paper model and the pattern for cutting. I have to generate this model in grasshopper other something else, and have no idea what to search for. I’m not a complete grasshopper noob, but not very experienced either, so any help or nudge in the right direction would be highly appreciated!


kreuz_hp_4.pdf (4.7 KB)

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Search for Paneling Tools

You can recreate your physical modelling approach by using Kangaroo. That however depends on your expectation -> Modelling quality, controllability, type of representation.

I would say try to model it in Rhino. See how your modelling approach can be automated by using GH. A third option is scanning. If you lack knowledge about modelling and generative design, you can improve your physical model and scan. It still might be “deformable” by using Rhinos deformation tools.

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Hi Tom,

thanks for taking the time to answer. I wasn’t looking for someone to do my work, but more for guidance on how to do it myself, since I lack the necessary proficiency. Let me start again, maybe that would make everything clearer.

For this particular class, I’m working on bending plate material, ideally I should be doing a life-size version of my paper model in wood. My professor asked me to generate the surface parametrically in grasshopper or some other similar software/plugin, in order to be able to see what happens when you change the amount of rows, lengths of the cuts, angles of the cuts and so on.

My approach would be to reproduce the analogue process I underwent for the paper model, thus generating a square surface, dividing it evenly, simulating the cuts, and then, in the end, bending it in the two given directions.

My problem is, that so far nobody has been able to tell me if that approach is correct, and what software I should concentrate on. I’ve had pretty much 2 groups of people, the ones who didn’t know how to do it, and the ones who guessed Kangaroo/Lunchbox/Maya/Kiwi3D/… but weren’t able to tell me where to start. (Fairly enough, there was a third group telling me to cheat and just patch the surface from single elements - but that defies the whole purpose). I do understand that Kangaroo might be the thing for the bending part, but since I don’t have any experience with it, I’m not sure the plane surface with the cut-outs will perform the way I want.

I think it’s a fairly tricky thing to solve.
Here’s how I’d start trying to tackle this with Kangaroo - first building an unstructured mesh, then pulling some points together and making them coplanar. (26.5 KB)

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Okay so the criteria is doing it in Grasshopper. Its pretty hard.
You will need to read more about “kangaroo folding”. Just google it and you will get plenty of tutorials. Since I had taught at university, I know exactly the dilemma you are in. Professors don’t know much about it, totally underestimating the knowledge required to do something like this. I can only encourage you in asking for more guidance, finding a local mentor. Its difficult because it ideally requires to know about Programming, CAD and algorithmic math. But you’ll get it done somehow :slight_smile: If not, do something more simple.